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Not everyone believes that businesses can be a force for good. A lot of people are cynical about the world. And, sometimes, it might seem like they have a point. After all, there are entire industries built around exploitation. Exploiting workers. Exploiting the environment. Exploiting the law, or fear, or desire.

But I don't agree. Not for one moment. Because I know that business is the greatest force for good we have. That's not my opinion - that's my fact. After all, how else did we get:

  • Western medicine's power to heal the body...
  • A web of planes and ships linking every continent...
  • Incredible varieties of food on your plate and clothes on your back...
  • The miracles of a global information network...
  • Endless opportunities for work, travel, service, recreation, competition, cooperation...

... all within reach of normal people.

That is the power of business.

That is how good people - people with vision and courage - can make the world better.

You are an agent of change. You are a force for good in the world. Let me be your champion because of one word: Passion. You need someone as passionate about your value as you are.

What My Vision Offers

My life is different - better - than it was five years ago. I'm fitter, healthier and more energetic... thanks to changes to my diet. I'm calmer, more focused and more motivated... thanks to learning about the mind. I'm wealthier and more effective in the world... thanks to skills I have learned.

I gladly paid for each of these changes. I handed over money to good men and women - people who saw a way to improve the world through their own labors. And I would do so again, knowing what I know now.

No regrets.

But not every purchase has been a wise one. Not every business offers the value it claims. In a crowded, global marketplace, how can you find the worthy among the pretenders?

And that's when I realized how I could make a difference - by being a champion for the worthy. By helping consumers cut through the noise. By promoting and elevating the products and services that work. By leaving unworthy pretenders in the dust.

That is what my vision offers: dedication towards those pursuing a noble goal, a higher calling, and a positive impact of society. If you believe in your product or service, then let me ask you this:

Who do you have fighting for it?

Who's your Champion?

I am, that's who.

William Batten
Director of Marketing & Copywriting
Batten & King Creative Solutions


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William Batten - Director of Marketing & Copywriting

AWAI-trained SEO Copywriter.
Member: Professional Writers' Alliance.
IAPCH-certified Conversational Hypnotist.
Market Researcher.
Experienced and qualified Course Designer/Instructor.


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