The Secret to Boosting Health and Vitality…

… is good writing.

Now, there’s a claim for you…

Good writing? What does that have to do with health or vitality?

The answer’s pretty obvious if you think about it…

If you work in the Health or Self-help Industries, you know that attitudes matter. A doctor’s bedside matter is the best predictor of positive outcomes for the patient. Optimists outlive pessimists, everything being equal. People who like their therapists get the best results.

Now, you could write that off as just the placebo effect.

Or you could do the smart thing and ask:

How can I make that work for me?

In all industries, relationships matter. In the Health and Self-help Industries, they’re doubly important. They don’t just drive the business – they drive the results. Someone who feels good about a product will get all its benefits. Belief, hope and comfort unlock the body’s ability to heal and transform.

If your writing is good enough, it becomes medicinal.

Your emails, web presence and social media lay the foundations of your relationships. If you want to improve the lives of your customers, send me a message asking how I can help. What you say is as much your service as what you sell.

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